Brothers! That at this devotional moment, the spiritual emotion awaken so that our soul can generate the link to the Superior and the real wish to become the burning flame of Union with the divine. In this colloquium of love, may hope and faith lead us to the rising spheres of enlightened beings, where the light that surrounds our beings integrates with the brighter light of the sacred hierarchies, making the merge of the Solar Christ to our Internal Christ.

The devotion is the supplication and the veneration that denudes the personality in front of the “Greater I”. Let us raise our thoughts and let serenity lead us to the frequencies of the height, our heart is the messenger of the soul and the virtue of unconditional love, the bond between the created and Creator.

We are image and likeness of our heavenly father. it is the divine spark that dwells in us. However, the bonds of matter induce us the egos and they are the executioners of our being, imprisoning us in reincarnating cycles. The devotion is the deep feeling in front of thee, who gives us the example of the ways of the spirit.

We request to the Venerable Masters of the Great White Fraternity  (G.W.F.) that at this devotional moment and Union of our souls, are present, shedding the lights of love and mercy upon us all. It is the love of Christ that releases us from the shackles of darkness. Therefore, the devotion makes us the little God that reveals itself before the greater God – the Thinking Universe and Conscious Cosmo.


May the Sun Enlighten Us!