The Healing Vibration

The rituals of healing Vibration are times when unique experiences of emotions of high frequency, high spirituality and mystical transcendence on the purpose of aid and fraternal and disinterested service to the next can be experienced. This way, true love and Tenderness between all present can be shared, in a specially prepared environment for thousands of years by the Cosmic Intelligence.

In these rituals, the Energetic Vibrations - produced by sounds, mantras, chants and prayers verbalized with positive emotions for all participants – enter in resonance and harmonic reverb inside the Sanctuary Grotto, coming into harmony with the vibrations of the Telluric Energies and Ectoplasmatics, released by the special energetic nebulae existing there. These, in turn, directly influence our metaphysical body, stimulating the recovery of energetic harmony and consequently stimulating also the revitalization and harmonization of health of our physical body.

It is not, therefore, performing miracles, nor of any species of surgeries, but the conscious use of energy emanating from the bodies of all those who participate in these rituals, added to the energies from the sounds, numbers (geometry) and colors of nature, which are governed by the natural laws of the universe, for the benefit of humanity.

May the Sun Enlighten Us!