Who we are

MMIR - Movimento Místico e Iniciático no Roncador (Mystic and Initiatic Movement at Roncador)

From Atlantis, Egypt, Machu Picchu to the Roncador


What is the Mystic and Initiatic Movement of Roncador (MMIR)?


The MMIR (or just "The Roncador") is a movement that announces a new golden age, of better days for the world and that comes to prepare the sincere seekers for the dawning of this new era which is characterized by men and women with more knowledge, more power and a higher State of consciousness. The MMIR reveals that the Roncador region is the cradle of this new beginning for the race. The movement has its focal centre in the Mystic and ecological Sanctuary of the Roncador, where the whole process develops. Its headquarters is located in Barra do Garças, at the Roncador Foundation, which serves as a Holistic space for the community, regardless of creed or religions. The movement also have houses-schools all over Brazil (EIRs).


What the Roncador Initiatic Schools’ unveil (EIRs)?


The EIRs, as Gnostic schools, provide the keys to self-transformation or intimate self realization, that is, the deity who dwells in us. They prepare the seekers so that they can participate in the internal levels of the Roncador. As typical schools of initiation, the EIRs are organized in 3 levels or chambers where knowledge is passed, respectively, in exoteric form (1st), mesoteric (second Chamber) and esoteric (3rd Chamber). The third chamber is developed in the Roncador as continuation of the work of the EIRs. In the first Chamber, which is public, the seekers examines the basic Gnostic doctrine. Then, when already demonstrates that accepts and is willing to follow for yourself the precepts of Gnosis, the seeker is so sacred in the second Chamber for inner workings and rituals in Gnostics temples. Finally, after much inner work he can be called to participate in the third Chamber (only in the Roncador) where so he can have access to more advanced knowledge and practices aimed at its total transformation and so go into the higher dimensions. At this internal level, the objective is the restoration of the magical powers of man and woman, lost with the degradation of the human race, which resulted in the cut of our link with the divine. From this "fall", we live as weak beings, miserable and unconscious, restricted to the 3rd dimension, with the restoration of the "missing link" we can again enter the higher dimensions and participate in the upcoming race.


May the Sun Enlighten Us!