Gnosis at Roncador

Patience, Persistence and Tolerance!

Cold mind and warm heart!



What is Gnosis?

Why schools Gone Roncador are Gnostic?

Why the Roncador?

Why this movement is important and timely.


What is Gnosis?

Gnosis, which meaning is "superior knowledge, inner, spiritual and initiatory", teaches that our current state is almost total unconsciousness due to lack of "missing link". We are puppets of the egos, psychological aggregates that block our consciousness. Pride, envy, greed, wrath, sloth, lust and gluttony make us weak and unhappy, because they wear our energies, leaving us almost nothing for conscious works and uplifting for the Great Work of the Father. Our current vehicles of expression of our being is sabotaged by egos, and requires a super effort of our conscious part, based on 3 items: I) the alchemical work with the creative energies, II) to self-psychoanalysis in order to eliminate the obstacles from the egos; and III) conscious work for the humanity.


Why the Roncador schools are Gnostics?

The self-transformation passed by the EIRs corresponds to the creation of bodies or internal vehicles for the expression of our divinity in different dimensions. We know that the creation of bodies occurs only through the creative energy (, i.e. the sexual energy. Therefore, we must learn how to use our sexual energy at different vibrating levels to create these more subtle bodies or vehicles for the expression of our being. Only schools, which follow the Gnosis, pass this basic knowledge, necessary for one to go deeper into the mysteries of the Roncador.


Why at the Roncador?

The region of Serra do Roncador has special geological features (even for having been formerly seabed) that provides not only more stability and protection against future earthquakes, but also a special energy favorable to spiritual practices. In addition, the Mystic and Ecological Sanctuary of Roncador is a portal that strongly focuses that energy and is especially blessed by the masters of the Great white Fraternity. In particular, the energy of the place, and mainly the concentrated energy in the Sanctuary, act as natural potent accelerators of the transformation of sexual energy and the resulting manifestations of 3rd camera practices in search of self-transformation as mentioned earlier.


Why this movement is important and timely.

We are on the verge of sidereal cycles that usually coincide with our planet's crises both on the physical level (atmospheric and geological) as in the psychological level of humanity. In these moments, sincere seekers are always aided by the Great White Fraternity masters to cross this difficult passage to the beginning of the next cycle. Therefore, the Roncador, with its entire splendor, for the special place that is and being an esoteric movement - MMIR, is undoubtedly designated by Cosmic Engineering to be the anchor for the seekers of pure and noble heart.


May the Sun Enlighten Us!