The Schools of the Mystic and Ecological Sanctuary of Roncador throughout Brazil are places where one can have access to the teaching and practice of Gnosis, i.e. the Holy Wisdom that had been bequeathed to us by the masters of the Great White Fraternity to lead human beings to their development and personal self-realization.

These houses-Schools rely on the supervision of an authentic Messenger of the Upper Worlds, named Vestal of Roncador, which brings the unveiling of the Hermetic Teachings brought to the world and the rescue of the sacred feminine through cultivation of superior emotions over the Hermetic Teachings brought to the world in the course of ages.

In these spaces one have the opportunity to learn the intricate natural laws that govern the Universe and consequently the microcosm called human being, addressing both the physical and metaphysical aspect, and by doing so each person can achieve inner peace and happiness that so much wants.

They also provide access to the three factors for the revolution of consciousness, which are as follows:

1) Teachings on the alchemical labor with internal energies of the human being so that one can increase its Vibrational Frequency.

2) The discipline of the five senses and consequently of the egos, or tendencies, allowing the human being to store and conserve its vital principle.

3) The service in favor of humanity, allowing the human being to cultivate the virtues and good emotions.

Finally, in the houses-schools one can also study how to use all this Gnosis in perfect harmony with the existing powerful energy vortexes in the Mystic and Ecological Sanctuary of Roncador, place for millennia destined by the Great White Fraternity as a cradle of New Era.

May the Sun Enlighten Us!